What are the differences in teaching Adults and teaching children? In teaching Adults, we need professional teams to design, to develop and to evaluate the teaching materials. Computer based teaching materials are postmodern way of teaching methods. Computer-based or technology is a non-traditional method of teaching. Adults learning characterised by self directed learning, self assessment and lifelong learning. Individual can make pan, to make change and direction in the learning through self assessment. Because self assessment can help you or to make clear of what us as Adults actually want.

Collaboration learning can help the participants to realise, to make clear and to convey meanings (in what each other has in the mind) which gives way to more meaningful learning. Self directed refers to more experienced learners who are able to learn or study independently without the authoritative figures.

Highly visualised lessons cater for Adult learners in effective learning. Why? Because the colourful graphics, the highly visualised materials trigger our brain cells which make learning more productive, easily to remember and more effective.

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