My Live streaming (2) is slightly better ๐Ÿ˜…. In the live streaming (2), the emphasis is on Reading. How reading brings good to yourself, your profession and your organisation – the topics of reading related to Adult Education? How lifelong learning can help us Adult? I also have some good tips about reading.

Lifelong learning is something that all mature Adults should practice so as, to live a fulfil and meaningful lives. To cope with the society and the world that are constantly changing, lifelong learning is making itsโ€™ way to help us Adults to become stable, firm, resilient and successful.

When you are focused on lifelong learning, you are tagging intuition to the tasks. We need intuition to work and inspire our routine everyday whether in our jobs or in other areas.

A higher order of learning reaches when the lifelong learning could be processes such as monitoring reflection, testing, questioning, and self-evaluation. Lifelong also helps to bounce back from problematic experience especially, the hurtful ones. The minute you start to realise you need lifelong learning, you had already started a while ago. The only way, is that, you need to stick to it. Remember, learning, learning and continue learning…….

Adult Education books is a good way to start realising that there are books that we can read to improve our profession and our organisations. Practice reading when you have the time is a good way to yield resilience, gain knowledge and increase your self image and self confident. Reading is a part of lifelong learning.