My first lives streaming on Youtube was a very nervous one. I had never been live streaming via Youtuve before. So, my first one was rather a challenging experience and I felt very happy after the task 😅

Topic: Community-based organisations and community-based Education plus the question – Are we going to interpret 22nd century as different era from the 21st cenrury?

I was talking about the Majority of my research references were from the American researchers. How the terms and elements the researchers use came about? How did the elements and terms for Adult Education come about? I focused a lot on reading books – the Adult Education books which cater for your organisation and your profession.

The contents of my live streaming (1) also includes the questions such as?

1. What are the Adult Education ingredients?

2. Where do you mean by Cognitive theory and practices? leadership strategies? workshop strategies? etc

3. Are we going to use all these terms again after COVID-19? Will it be appropriated to use all these terms again? Or, should we live and find another planet or planets to live so as to adapt to the environment after COVID-19?

The future society and the world might have a different way to describe the phenomena after COVID-19. Perhaps, we would be using virtual classroom more often than usual. All things would be possible and assessable online except a few things we are unable to access online, namely, sex, physical touching and sports. Let me see what have you say about this! Thank you for reading.