Adult Education books for your reference and help with your profession and your organisation

In the society, how do we improve ourselves besides learning from others, obtain experiences from the workplace and attending functions and meetings? The one and the only very important things is – Reading. Many people think and agreed that reading is wasting time and energy, no patience to read, feel the boredom while reading and stop reading because of so many distractions around them.

So, what should we do? We want reading and yet the final accomplishment of reading is so hard to achieve especially if you have a book with three hundred pages. We need to remember that:

  1. You need to really like the book, then, you might be able to finish it.
  2. The end of the story tempts you, and, you want to know what happens
  3. The concept of knowledge is very important to you and you know the secret of achieving or becoming a knowledgeable person.
  4. The success of your profession and your organisation is very important to you and recognise that reading is part of the strategy to achieve the goal.
  5. Recognise that reading can improve your inner and outer beings, for example, resilience, patience, tolerance and see the deep side of everything and matters. Outwardly, you are able to show people the elements of confidence, firm and wisdom that reflect from your inside and shine.

Adult Education related books:

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🧚Creating courses for Adults: Design for learning

🧚Adult learning: Linking theory and practice

🧚Transformative earning in practice: Insights from community workplace, and higher Education

🧚Collaborative inquiry as a strategy for Adult learning

🧚Socialcultural perspectives on learning through work

🧚The strategic use of learning technologies

🧚Address the spiritual dimensions of Adult learning

🧚Participatory literacy education

🧚The Science of Self Learning

🧚Developing effective assessment in Higher Education: A practical guide

🧚Research method in Education

🧚Powerful techniques for teaching Adults

🧚The Adult learner: The definite classic in Adult Education on and human resource development

🧚The Innovative University: changing the Higher Education from the Inside out

🧚Research method in Education

🧚Artistic ways of knowing

🧚Continuing Education in colleges and universities

🧚The Adult learner

🧚Experiential learning


🧚New perspectives on designing and implementing professional development of teachers of Adults

🧚Education: A manifesto for change

🧚Swimming up stream 2: Agency and urgency in the Education of Black men

🧚Teaching for change

🧚Charting a course for Continuing professional Education

🧚Providing culturally relevant Adult Education

🧚Promoting journal writing in Adult Education

🧚The Neuroscience of Adult Learning