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Hello Ladies & gentlemen,

It’s Rosalia here.

I gives, suggest advices and insights on what you need and for the best of your profession and organisations. How to use and work on the important ingredients that you must have or should have that will lead you to the ultimate success in your dreams.


Many times, we do not know what goes wrong in our profession or in our organisations. Often, you need someone to look into it, and give you insights and suggestions on what you lack so that you can improve it. The success is next, depends on you. Are you going to work on it? Are you going to research and work on the advices? So, it is totally depended on you.


If you looking for the answers to questions like this:

What do you mean by intranet for learning?

What do you mean by insights into collaborative inquiry?

What are the framework of traditional program planning?

What is an inquiry-based professional development?

Why failure is the first step to success?

How to cope failure with the educational program?

How to develop an action research project?

How do professional learn?

How do adults learn?

What are the insights into counselling to Adult learners?


If you have all these questions and many more, then,

My dear, you have come to the right place.


Welcome to my world where all the Adult Education Ingredients knowledge are stored for you to dig into…….


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