Today, I was doing my live streaming as usual at the moment, I am doing it once a month. I will be scheduling to do more live streaming on my Adult Education channel ‘Adult Education Ingredients’ in the future. As I practice myself to do live streaming, I become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Live streaming (3) is all about Workshop Strategies. The live streaming is mostly on workshop talk based on workshop planning, workshop design and workshop group learning.

Workshop talk

1. Effectiveness of group learning

2. Workshop planning

3. Workshop design

4. Virtual group learning

The third dimension of workshop planning:

1. Technical

2. Sociopolitical

3. Ethical

The four motivational conditions of the framework for workshop design:

1. Establishing inclusion

2. Developing attitude

3. Enhancing meaning

4. Engendering eompetence

Virtual workshop needs:

1. Technical support

2. Instructor support

3. Learner support

4. Administrative support

That’s all for me today, until next time. Cheers!