The participants should rate the statements from 0 (no knowledge or skill) to 5 (expert knowledge of skill). The experts or professional Educators three competencies need to be assessed:

  1. Self assessment competencies
  • Ability to assess and continually reassess my interests ______
  • Ability to assess my personal strengths _________
  • Ability to assess my learning or professional development skills ________

2. Career research and planning competencies

  • Ability to develop deliberate strategies for career research that include reading, interviews, a trial experience __________
  • Ability to use literate search and interviewing techniques to identify possible career preferences and career requirements ___________
  • Ability to involve myself on trial, low-risk basis in the career areas I am considering __________

3. Competencies for the effective use of peer and expert support

  • Understanding of the functions that can be performed by peers and by experts in support of my learning and development activities:

i) Understanding the role of a learning-program or development program content, expert mentor, and ability to use the help of a peer or expert playing that role to support me _______

ii) Understanding of the role of a learning consultant and ability to utilise the services of a peer or expert playing that role on my behalf ________

iii) Understanding of the role of a referral source and ability to utilise the services of peers and experts performing that role on my behalf ________


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