In livestream 4, I was talking about How to Learn to be free democratically?

We are living in a western democratic society “The practice of democracy can encounter obstacles, the same as all other groups.” (Hansman & Sissel, 2001).

First of all, we need to define the word ‘democracy’. It is a political definition of a kind of society where we live with the phenomena such as:

  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of choice in whoever can become our leaders
  • Safe to express our views on whatever in our mind
  • Believe in sharing ideas, concepts and philosophies so as to improve our society in a better way.

The freedom of speech heightens level of social consciousness and will alter our views regarding the social-political implication of our practice of democracy. In a democratic society, we should not neglect each other’s opinions – because all opinions may lead to improvement in all areas of our lives, with better ideas, add negotiation if conflicts are present and better outcomes to all democratic societies.

The question is – Are power and hegemonic the result of unfairness, injustice, prejudice and bias that separate all of us?

According to Sissel, Hansman & Kasworm (2001), hegemonic system is the result of unfairness, injustice, prejudice and bia that caused disequilibrium and malfunctions in the individual. What are your feedback? Thanks.

(All references you are able to find them in the video above or videos’ links from the video attached.)

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