Mt.O’Reilly’s Rainforest retreat is indeed recommended by me to you if you need peace of mind, rest, quietness and the love for nature and birds. The perfect place for nature and birds lovers. I found it such a place with no word to explain its’ natural beauty and tranquility. From my hotel room verandah, I could see beautiful famous McPherson ranges with stunning sunset and sunrise views in the perfect mornings. The stunning colour of the Crimson Rosella and King parrot species of birds are welcoming their visitors. If you have some seeds, fruits or bread to feed them, they will always come to join you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personally, I like to see and film the sunrise and sunset with my beloved cameras for whatever hours I can and for whenever there are sunrise and sunset I can just sit there for hours. Witnessing the beautiful god gifted scenery unfold in front of my eyes. Plus, the vivid and yet mysterious mountain ranges behind the beautiful colours of the sky. Do not forget to dine for dinner in the restaurant. The food are magnificent and delicious!

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