It is best to visit Cradle mountain during spring and autumn. Spring is not too hot and autumn is not too cold. Those are the perfect time and most comfortable time to take a walk around the Dove Lake District circuit. Because there are many, many types of flowers and plants you can appreciate and smell on. Or, even, to study the many species of plants if you are into horticulture😂. Certainly, you can find varieties inside the beautiful Dove Lake circuit forest.

With the help fo the ‘just nice’ weather, it is even more enchanting to film, to photograph the treasures within the forest itself. With the help of the weather, it is even more enchanting to feel the mystery inside the forest. And, one would imagine the fairies around the area just like what you had read the fairy tales during your childhood time. The sweet sound from the birds, the melodies that they make are all too good to be true. The flowing stream melodiously open up our ears which could throw us straight into stress-free zone. It is all too hard to put into words. The rustling of leaves can leave you wonder if there are really fairies exist within the forest. Wow!

This is life!

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