The Mures Restaurant Tasmania is located at the Victoria Dock, Franklin Wharf, Hobart. I had a wonderful lunch there with friends after that we just went around the surrounding dock area for filming and photographing and captured some snapshots of the beautiful sunset.

The whole trip from Dunalley Tasmania to the Victoria Dock definitely involves in the beautiful landscapes. For example, the Tessellated Pavement, the inspirational ocean views, the unbelievable rock formation and the tranquility atmosphere around the areas.

You might find the location of Tessellated Pavement somewhere in my today’s video. I was trying to film and photograph it during the low tide. Unfortunately, when I arrived there, the whole scenario just disappointed me because I was unable to film the beauty of Tessellated Pavement which is during the low tide (the best effect for shooting). Well, may be next time!

How the Tessellated Pavement formed?

“In geology and geomorphology, a tessellated pavement is a relatively flat rock surface that is subdivided into more or less regular rectangles, blocks approaching rectangles, or irregular or regular polygons by fractures, frequently systematic joints, within the rock. This type of rock pavement into polygonal blocks that resemble tiles of a mosaic floor, or tessellation.” Wikipedia.

Until then, see you next time❤️

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