It is hard to imagine the vegetation or landscape around the foothill of Wellington Mountain, and it is so different to the summit. I would never imagine how beautiful the Wellington Mountain is although initially I thought it was an ordinary mountain just like so many mountains here in Australia. Until, I reached the summit.

The winding road leads to the summit is quite picturesque but wait till you reach the top. Wellington Mountain Tasmania is 1.271 M above sea level. The city at the bottom of Wellington Mountain is called Hobart.

The summit is frequently covered with snow even in summer.

As I had not been to Hobart Tasmania for more than ten years, I hardly remembered that I had been to this place. Until I reached the summit, then, I recalled that I had been there once upon a time and it is beautiful!

From the summit, you are able to view the whole city of Hobart. It was spectacular! The interesting thing is the summit are full of rocks, funny rocks big and small, here and there. And the transmissions tower which I think blocks the actual beauty and natural of it.

“The transmission tower perched atop Kunanyi/Mount Wellington is a source of fascination, and occasionally anger, for Hobartians, with the sharp structure punctuating or otherwise natural landscape.” ABC news, 20 Feb. 2019.

Let me know what you think and all feedback are welcome!

Until then, see you next time ❤️

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