The road trip from the Cradle Mountain to the small little seaside town called Stanley takes around two hours and twenty-two minutes.

The landscape features along the way were great and stunning. Especially, after one hour and forty minutes drive, as I was dozing off to sleep while inside the car, and suddenly, rows and rows of pink and white tulips unfolded in front of my eyes and on both sides of the car. My friend told me the place is called Wynyard. Wynyard is the biggest tulip plantation in the Southern Hemisphere. As I was so proud of our state Tasmania and our country Australia. Further into the conversation, I was told that the tulip farms here on the Table Cape of Wynyard, Tasmania produced premium ‘Ice’ tulip bulbs, and the Nettherlands loves to buy from us.

As the road trip slowly approaching Stanley town, I saw further more beautiful landscape – the sea, the bay, the Table Cape plateau, some more tulips farms and the beautiful mountain tops with a little bit of snow. They will only remain forever in my memory.

Until then, see you next time ❤️

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