After a day’s long journey from the direction of Launceston Tasmania to Cradle Mountain, I finally arrived at Sassafras Springs.

The Sassafras Springs Eco Ledge is a very cozy, lovely place to stay. While I was there, the host offered free vegetables and eggs fresh from the garden. I gathered some lettuces and celery for my dinner and breakfast.

There are so much to see on the way to Sassafras Springs Eco Lodge. I filmed the waterfalls, the unique nature and vegetation around the area for you all to see. I am sure I will be back there again and possibly during one of the winter in future.

After a good night rest, and enjoyed the cozy night by the fireplace, I felt so much energized and refreshed in the morning. I had another day long journey to the centre of the Cradle Mountain.

Until then, see you all next time ❤️

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