Penny Loyal Hotel is right next to Cataract Gorge Reserve. It took only a few minutes walk down there. So, I took a refreshing morning walk down the Gorge and see the beautiful scenery in the area. And, I heard there are many kangaroos, koalas and peacock in the area. Just could not wait to see them.

All I can say it had been a very fruitful and relaxing morning. Majority of the scenery are the streams, the waterfall and wildlife.

It was an enjoyable journey all through. I was filming and recording the gorgeous nature so I could upload the memories. Because many times, I could not recall where I had been if I do not properly noted and stored the places that I had been to.

There are many peacock wondering around the area. Peacock particularly like to reside around the cafeteria area where there are many tourist or people. I guess they like to show off their beautiful feathers. Whenever they see people filming, looking and photographing them, they will show off by opening up their beautiful tail feathers. Once they start showing off, it could take them quite a while to close off the feathers. So, plenty of time to photograph and film them.

I am impressed that the magical sound of the streams in the Cataract Gorge can really distress you.

I will definitely have my morning walk everyday if I live nearby.

As I said goodbye to Cataract Gorge Reserve, my next destinations would be the Cradle Mountain.

Until then, See you soon❤️

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