The moment I saw the purple colour fields on the estate, I was not so impressed by it because the real time for Lavender blossom should be early January but I went on the early December.

As I was there in Bridestowe Lavender Estate, the famous Lavender farm which my friends were talking about , I was glad at least I made it.

I am the sort of person who like to look at things in detail, so, it is very convenient with my camera. At the same time, I filmed, photographed as I was looking closely with the actions of the bees on the flowers.

The one thing I must tell you, the lavender icecream here are definitely delicious. You must try while you are here in Bridestowe Lavender Estate. And, remember to take a photograph – ‘You and the icecream’ – with the lavender background. It definitely is a good combination.

Until then, see you next time ❤️

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