Although Tasmania is part of Australia, in my mind, I always think it is a country by itself. This is just me, no one else, I guess. Because my first time in Tasmania was long, long time ago, and I could not even remember how it looked like. At that time, I was visiting all urban areas of Tasmania and not looking at it in detail.

On the 4th December 2020, the borders of most of the Australian states were opened, so, I took the opportunity to visit Tasmania in detail. I will start writing part by part the interesting places I had been while in Tasmania.

I arrived in Launceston around 7:30pm via Virgin Australia. The sky was still bright daylight. As soon as I settled and checked in the Penny Loyal Hotel, and before the sky turned pitch dart around 9pm, I quickly went for a walk around Penny Loyal Bar and Restaurant. It was beautiful!

The area around Penny Loyal Bar and Restaurant was spectacular. After I recorded the destination, the walk around the Cataract Gorge Reserve which is not so far from the Penny Loyal Bar and Restaurant was a brief one because it was getting pitch black and I decided to go back to the hotel. The Cataract Gorge Reserve of Tasmania is a stunning nature walk and many wildlife can be found there.

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