I had dreamt to travel to Europe for a long time. Since I was a child I always dreamt to go to Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. I could only hear the names of these countries but recalled that I would never, never able to go there because they were to me almost unreachable.

Not until I came to study in Australia since 1982, I felt that one day I must visit Europe. Whenever I saw the snow- capped mountains and fairy-like sceneries in Switzerland, I thought I must go there one day.

In my primary school years, I did study a country in Italy called Venice. I knew that it was a city in Italy that water is the main transport using gondolas or motorboats. I went there recently 2018 late December and I was amazed at the chapter that I learnt during my primary school years in Malaysia was unfolded right in front of my human eyes.

Venice, Italy

Switzerland – interlaken, Lucern and Burnese Alps

I love Switzerland. Even though the temperature there day and night both are below zero degrees, I would never feel a single coldness. I love the fresh air, the colourful outfit that I can wear in the cold, cold weather and I never get sick because I just love the weather there ( May be I am a cold blooded 🀭). Interlaken is unique in its’ buildings. The colourful buildings that built along the lake are just so elegant and beautiful and are beyond my wildest imagination. I walked along the lake, I could see the playful swans, the surrounding that is so peaceful and tranquil.


The city of Lucern compare to Interlaken is busier and full of local people and tourists but still unique in its’ own way.


Lake Lucern

When you walk along the Spreuer Bridge, you will never miss the magnificent views of this area. Even the most uninterested people cannot resist the temptation of taking a few snaps of its’ beautiful features. All I could say is ‘Wow!’

Spreuer Bridge

The Bernese Alps

As I travelled up the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, I witnessed the unique features of the buildings unfolded in front of my eyes. All along both sides of the road, I could not help myself from the excitement and see the snow- capped mountains, the fallen snow, and the Swiss’ houses. Breathtakingly, I was speechless from the outstanding view that God was once created. It’s like heaven on earth!

When I reached the top of the Bernese Alps (the Plateau) , I felt like I was on top of the whole Europe, it was amazing !

Here is a glimpse of The Plateau

So much about Italy and Switzerland, I will continue the amazing trip to Austria, German and France. Until then, goodbye!

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