As a writer, we have the intention of pick up anything and write it down. The message is to let the audiences knows what has recently discovered, so that, the knowledge or the experience and can call it, can convey or useful for the readers. Some, may not be useful whatever you call it, it may be just a memories or something you write just for your pleasure. All written works done, are good or bad they are useful to a certain audience or could be destructive to some audience. The audience should take it this way, take it easy if you find some written works are destructive, read it, and forget about it. Some written work, may be required by you in your recent research or your daily guidance.  Whatever you call the piece of writing, please use it for pleasure or appreciate it. Because writing is a tough job and not easy. Bear in mind, the phrase ‘Easy say than done’ applies to the job of writing.

Finding word or topic to write is another tough task for a writer. How to put into words? How to start? What should include in this piece of writing? These questions may sometimes put a writer into a whirl situation. Reading is easy because you can judge the words being written and emerge in the story, now, can you sit down and write a piece of your work? It takes courage and determination to be right on the task of writing.

What had written in the past, from the writer perspective, do not regret or feel guilty because the writer, the same as other fields of the job, needs time to become a better writer. You may occasionally look back at your work and say “Hey, I should not write this…” or “Why I wrote this rubbish…” etc. This kind of emotion is an experience and stages a writer will go through to become a professional writer. All jobs have stages before it makes the people who do it to become professional, it is just as easy as that!

Imagine you have written your assignment for your master degree, do you regret what you have written? No matter you fail your assignment, or you achieve a high grade for this assignment – they are all stages you have to go through. Just that, some people will care less about whatever marks they achieve whether good or bad because they are not to become a writer. For those who love writing, the good or bad marks for your written assignment may seem as critical phenomena whether, ‘I can become a good writer or not…..’ No, it’s wrong! You can be better through time, through practice because to become a good writer does not happen overnight!

A good writer attitude should be consistent and never be discouraged if your mission is not yet accomplished.

“Never regret what you have written in the past!”

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