All Human beings go through stages of life. There are different events, and happenings occurred in the stages, that is how individuals grow within those stages and learn from mistakes that might have occurred during the particular stages of growth.

Everybody goes through different experience in the life cycle. Some might go through harsh, happy, sad, enjoyable and memorable events. They are just part of our life. Remember that even the harshest events will pass, and the most important thing is how you cope with the harshest event. I suggest that perhaps you can read positive books to build up self-esteem, play some music, talk to a friend, write, sing, to go out and play sports.

Look back to those events in your life; what causes you to fail, how did you do, why you did it, who had caused it to happen and why did they do it to you. Learn from those experiences and try to get answers from those failures especially through researching the relevant books and articles that can give you more answers and suggestions. Remember to focus on positive thinking and positive answers although it may seem unrealistic but focus on positive ‘things’ can give you a healthy attribute and healthy mind, body and soul.
It’s true as Isaac Asimov said; “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that is troublesome.” From my personal experience, the transition of life is always the most painful stages because it involves in your determination and preparation to change. It is always the most difficult stage because you need to have knowledge and courage to take the tasks. A lot of time individuals goes through suicide, or they may have suicide just because they could not go through the stage and enter another phase. Learning that all things will pass and whether for good or for bad, life should be cheered and celebrated no matter how it turns out to be.
Manifest Potential (2005) emphasized on the potential of life which involves in eight stages; Exploring, focusing, working, excelling, mastering, transcending, life-calling and Regenesis. The potential manifested first to explore the ideas that you have within yourself about life and work, and then, you focus on what you are looking for, what sort of work you are looking. Next, you look for the work that you are profession at and work to your best, that is, work to your excellence. In this stage, instead of looking onto the paycheck and promotions, you work towards your most potential. Then, your skills are mastered and prepared to enter the stage of transcending where you can work to exceed your previous ability. Often, you will encounter life crisis in the life-calling stage to prepare you for entering the final stage ‘re-genesis’. In Which, you are ready to start the life stages cycle again and to enter the first stage; Exploring.
According to Piccini (2006); “This concept not only involves the idea that there are different phases in life, but emphasizes the belief that any phase builds upon the previous ones.” What he means is; in order to tackle the next stage of life, we must have sufficient knowledge and preparation for those stages. Otherwise, there will be problems to meet the tasks of the phases of life.

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