The passion of doing something such as painting pictures, writing books, singing, acting, crafting, composing songs and playing music instruments is best not to see the result of it. But, to enjoy oneself while doing the activities. The involvement of doing the activities should be one of a pleasure and enjoyment.

Many are thinking; writing books, composing songs or painting the pictures are for earning money. The result may not be very desirable such as the selling of the CDs, books and paintings because the market is a very competitive one. Authors, painters, musicians, and artists are all struggling for the same aims – to be famous and earn as much as they can. To earn a lot of money and to be famous are good of course, but making sure the attitude of doing has to be a right one. Right attitude is a vital for the health and survival. With the right attitude and involvement, knowledge and expectation, success will follow.
Many times; humans, circumstances and obstacles are going to fail people who aim for success and want to achieve what they need to achieve. Without the right positive attitude, failure will be the result. We are living in a selfish world; the high standard of living and competitiveness in the society have given every human ‘itch’ in the heart. The reason is that seeing other people succeed and accomplish in the products often lead to jealousy, bitterness, envy, fault finding and careless gossiping.

To enjoy doing what you like to do is an important lesson to learn. If you forget to do things materialistically, it is more realistic and will offer personal satisfaction. And focusing on the beauty and enjoyment of your products. The attitude of the enjoyment and passion for doing your favourite activities is a healthy and less stressful one. When you see the result of your creations and the beauty of the products, there are no words can be explained that apply to the feeling of the creator. The inspiration that the creator encounters was expressed in his unique way and expose to the greater audience in the universe that has accomplished the intention of the mighty God, the creator.

To some people, they might not agree with my opinions and are welcomed and encourage to raise their versions of explanation. We are living in a free world, and the expressing of one’s passion is a drive for more enjoyment and recreation for leisure and healthy life for all human beings. To the creator, the accomplishment of his work for the universe had satisfied his passion as well.

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