As I passed through a golden gate, a giant-like dog approaching me with mouth opening and dripping like an unending water from the tap. Immediately, I reached for a stone and threw it back to the dog. The dog hurt by the approaching stone, and it escaped like a roaring lion.

Once, so many happy times spent with my grandparents in this little village. Now, it has made into a construction site for building more high-rise buildings to catch up with modernization. Passed the first street, into a narrow gate was the house where we used to live. At the back of the house was a river, the longest river in that area. A sea monster used to dwell in that river. Once, in a while, you could see it popped up its’ head to grab for a breathe. Scaly skin all over its’ body with a tongue long and red like a Chinese ribbon. Occasionally, it stretched its’ tongue while grasping for a breath out of the water. I could not say its’ shape like a giant dragon or just a ‘big black block’, but all I could tell is that its’ head was like a dragon. It might have been dwelled there for thousands of years, no one could tell. But, it did no harm to the villagers living in that area.

Grandparents and I were always sitting on the verandah at the top floor of the house looking beyond the river. To see this giant monster stretching itself out of the water to take the breath. The magnificent view of the river, the monster, and the scenery surrounded it made a perfect match give us a sense of its’ mysteriousness. The river calmed like a reflection in a mirror and added extra mystery to the area.

The villagers were still enjoying bathing, washing and swimming in the river despite knowing that there was a giant monster around. Attracted by the charm of this unusual scenery, one could not resist the temptation of its’ beauty and must experience it.

The giant monster did no harm to the villagers, but the new villager or visitor must be careful when standing by or swimming in the river. One incidence happened when the giant monster emerged from nowhere and grabbed the visitor, then thrown him into the river. Not a trace could find about that visitor. It has a sense of smell like a dog, and the eyesight like a night owl and alert like a cat. But the villagers knew the giant monster very well.

Time passed very quickly. My grandparents had passéd away. I stood there, in front of the gate still gazing beyond the river with all these memories and wondering where the giant monster was. The sound of rolling machine and thundering noises from the construction site did not seem to distract me at all from my thought.

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