Browsing through LinkedIn articles, I could not help myself to think – ‘Wow! These people – how could they write great articles” Where did they get the information from? How could they have so many ideas to write?’ Frankly speaking, I admire those people who could make their effort and time to write great articles, which I find it a laborious task, although I am extremely fond of writing. I appreciate people who contribute ideas to the audience and helping people like me to improve in job perspectives. I find the information that they provide in the LinkedIn are extremely valuable and precious. Why they are so overwhelmingly popular?

1. Business – business strategies ranged from business owners to managers to workers – how they should deal with people? Influential work skills, attitude towards work situation, relationship with fellow colleagues, etc., etc.

2. Education – information on Education, higher education – Why we should advance our education? For example, one article about ‘higher education is going global’ – it is true! You are most welcome to read it through my update!

3. Job Interview – an absolutely a ‘must’ for the job seekers. They have much information, which can boost your horizon for searching the desired work of yours. How you should tackle interview questions? How should you dress for success? etc.


For those who like to write but do not know how to start, I suggest you may:

Browse – browsing through other people’s articles might enhance your view and urges to you to write what’s on your mind. Not only this, you might inspire by others to write what are on your mind for a long time, something which you need to convey and convince the audience.

Start to write – As soon as you have what is in your mind, immediately start writing, no more procrastination because procrastination will eventually take you no where.

Edit – That depends on your English level.

Publish – Take it to the audience.

Relax – Think yourself great you have written your first article.


Great! You have made it…. You have started a great adventure. Now, prepare for the next one!

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