How many of you can tolerate the lyrics if I change the title to ‘if you are not happy and you know it, clap your hands still ‘? I am sure not many of you would agree with it or some will.. It’s the same as –

How many of you caught in a situation, when you were not happy about what others’ did in their life, and what others’ have? You are about to control that person and take things out of his or her life without them acknowledging? Think for a moment, will you like others to do the same as you would like to do on others? Try to think the situation in a person’s boat. Do not rush to do things without careful thinking and analysing the situation. From here, learn to:

1. Tolerate – toleration is the hardest thing to take. If you know how to tolerate things you do not like, you are successful. Toleration can help you to overcome many difficulties in your later life.

2. Be humble – It is not hard at all. Think in your own mind that you are better than others, you will recognize by people, just be patient.

3. Learn to do new things (new skills)– have a new hobby. Learn things, which you never had, did before in your life. For example, if you have never traveled, go for travelling such as around the country or overseas.

4. Accept the reality that all human shares a world – Have you seen young children share the toys? It works like this way. Young children can do it, we, adult can do it as well.

5. Focus on own family or work – Once in a while do thing differently. If you think you had spent too little time to care for your own family, then, make sure you put a few efforts to care about your wife or husband, children and parents. Or, spend more time to catch up work.

6. Interior search – Meditate, search through your own heart, ask yourself: Have I done anything wrong? Have I in fault with others? How can I improve myself?

7. Collaborate – collaborate with your colleague to work through the problem. You will be surprised and amazed that collaboration does work in situations. Questions such as ‘Do you agree with my idea?’, ‘Can I do it this way?’, ‘ Are you happy to be relocated to another place?’ Whatever questions you have in mind, you can raise them in a group.

8. Use action research – Action research is an activity where people or group member can work collaboratively to research for a project, learning new information. They work together for a solution or to solve a problem.

Working with these suggestions will help you to be sure whether your own action is right, and how you can avoid rushing and do a thing you will regret later. You may have to accept the fact that ‘If you are not happy, you will still have to clap your hands.’



Rosalia is a teacher assistant and master degree in training and development. She likes writing, enjoys helping others to learn new things and share with others in strengthening characters and life.



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