Interview is all you want to achieve for the first time job application. All you do is to work hard on your resume and how to write a well-presented cover letter, so that you can get at least one interview in your ten job applications. What should you do to prepare for an interview?

1. Be familiar with the work you are applied for – the name of the company, a little bit of its’ history and functions, your experience and the tasks.

2. Dress well – professionally dressed.

3. Be puncture – always arrive ten minutes early so that, you will have time to relax and refresh yourself.

4. Show your confidence –  be confidence about your profession.

5. Be prepare for the trickiest questions asks by the interviewer

6. Don’t be panic if you cannot answer the questions – Sometimes, the employer might just want to ask for information that he not sure of.

7. Be a good observer


When you have done your work hundred percent, do not fuss or frustrated about the result. Just wait patiently for the result or you can email or phone the company regarding the result of the interview. In the meantime, continue your job search and hunt for more suitable jobs. The process repeat as previous. Good luck!

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