There are many rules to effective communication. People with the same cultures convey the same language can sometimes find difficult to communicate with each other. It is all about more complex nature such as characters, personalities and different tastes.

Communicate interculturally looks beyond characters, personalities and tastes when people initially come into contact with each other. More prominent issue would be on the cues; what he or she wants?Verbal expressions and gestures are the first things the communicators look for. They try to work out what each other try to bring, the content they need to tell each other and how things can work out.

Communication with high-context cultures such as the Japanese, Korean, latin American and Chinese should pay attention to the pace of the decision making. In the case with business dealing, high-context cultures would delay the pace of the business and making it hard for low-context countries to comprehend the reality. Low-context countries such as America, Australia and United Kingdom, would prefer quick business dealing. It’s no doubt that the Japanese could not understand why American are doing the way the business should be done according to traditional Japanese perception.

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