Bloom’s taxonomy

* Knowledge

* Comprehension

* Application

* Synthesis

* Evaluation



Examples of useful questions cues for each thinking processes:


1. Knowledge  – List, Show, Quote, Describe, Collect, Recall, Who, When, Where, Identify, Locate, Define

Sample questions such as List the characteristics of one of the main characters, recall details about  the setting at…., arrange the sequence of events in chronological order, describe what happened at…


2. Comprehension – Outline, Explain, Predict, Summarise, Restate, Discuss, Compare, Interpret, Contrast, Distinguish

Sample question stems:  Explain how… felt while…, Construct a pictorial timeline that summarises… What do you think could have happened after..?, Can you distinguish between…?, Contrast..with..



3. Application – Demonstrate, Examine, Illustrate, Calculate, Classify, Show, Solve, Construct

Sample question stems: Construct a model to demonstrate…, Examine the personality of.. with a view  to.., Think of a situation that occurred and demonstrate how you….



4. Analysis – Analyse, Distinguish, Compare, Contrast, Investigate, Categorise, Explain, Separate

Sample question stems: Which event could not have happened if…? How is..similar to..? What are  some of the problems of..? What were some of the motives behind…? What do you see as other

possible outcomes?



5. Synthesis – Create, Invent, Compose, Predict, Construct, plan, Design, Imagine, Improve, Propose

Sample question stems: Conduct an investigation to..? What is a possible solution to..? Develop a proposal to …, Compose a song about…, Devise a way to…


6. Evaluation – Judge, Select, Choose, Justify, Debate, Recommend, Asses, prioritise, Determine, Decide

Sample question stems: Conduct a debate about.., Was there a better solution to..? What changes to..would you have recommended? Judge the value of…, How would you feel if..? How effective were…?

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